Ducks in the Woodlands

I love going out and shooting my own projects outside of work assignments. The reason I fell in love with photography was due to freedom of being able to use my creativity to capture the images I wanted, when and how I wanted. When photography becomes your career, you don’t necessarily have that same level of freedom.

Unite to Stop Bullying

The Champs, Cornelius White and Reggie Johnson stopped by Slick Light Studio for a photoshoot I did for the National Stop The Bullying Campaign. As a long-time boxing fan, it was really exciting listening to these two share war stories from inside the ring. Both were hilarious and kind, Houston natives, we had a blast putting together great images for a great cause.

Men at Work

One of my favorite times to shoot is at night! I frequently take photo-walks around Downtown Houston, when the sun goes down. I love the way colors pop and capturing light trails with long-exposures. The color saturation and movement really bring photos to life and being a night owl, I tend to like the reduced traffic around the city.

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