Ducks in the Woodlands

I love going out and shooting my own projects outside of work assignments. The reason I fell in love with photography was due to freedom of being able to use my creativity to capture the images I wanted, when and how I wanted. When photography becomes your career, you don’t necessarily have that same level of freedom.


While out a nature shoot with fellow photographer, Oscar Belgard, I was able to capture this portrait of him, just as a storm was about to roll in. Shot at Sheldon Lake State Park in Houston Texas. Oscar is looking stoic as ever.


The Trinh Family contacts me twice a year for family photos. This was taken in the Summer Creek area of Houston close to their house. Vivian is always very photogenic and ready to model for the camera. She’s a cutie and full of energy throughout the shoot.

Jared and Mindy’s Wedding

Jared called to see if I would be free to shoot his wedding. I normally don’t shoot weddings, but I made an exception this time. They were really short on time and not having any luck finding someone that would be available to shoot that week. I traveled to Lake Jackson to their Church and later to the reception. This is a shot of Mindy preparing to throw her bouquet.

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