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“For me photography is to place head and heart and eye along the same line of sight. It’s a way of life.” ― Henri Cartier–Bresson
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My greatest ambition is to create powerful images that commemorate, across generations, the people we love and the good times we have had. Creativity, hard work and experience are the engines that keep it all going. Say hello

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The Tripp Family

The Tripp’s are regular clients and call me at least once a year for family photos. This was taken at a studio on Hardy and Nance Downtown Houston during an Art Crawl weekend. Little Derrick was having a great time taking pictures and I was able to get him to stick his tongue out at me as we got going.

Adrian’s First Christmas

This was Adrian’s first Christmas, taken at his daycare, Kingdom Kidz. Mrs. Towana contacted me to see if I would take the Christmas pictures of all the kids in her daycare. This was the first year she wanted to offer this service to parents. I set up the Christmas set and studio lighting in the daycare’s cafeteria and the classes took turns taking pictures one at a time. I printed out order forms and created several packages for parents to choose from. I uploaded images to the internet for their preview and had all images professionally printed and delivered within a week. It was a great success!

Anjalise and Max

Anjalise wanted a portrait made with her best friend, Max. We shot this in-studio – where they were naturals! Both very photogenic and once we got going, we were able to capture this photo within minutes.

First Steps

This little guy was strengthening up his little legs in his new car walker to prepare to get pictures made of his first steps. He was so happy and excited to get his picture taken. After a few minutes in his car, he was ready and I was able to capture his first steps! Mommy and Daddy now have a priceless images to last a lifetime.

AJ Creative Art

AJ needed an expressive portrait for his website’s featured image and contacted me to see if I could assist. I had him come into the studio around noon and chatted for a bit to see what he was looking and to get a feel of his character. AJ wanted a contrasty, black and white that showed his personality. He is quite the character, very upbeat and hilarious! AJ was very photogenic, a natural in front of my lens. We laughed all throughout the shoot and I snapped several exceptional images. This was the image he featured and paid extra for me to apply some Photoshop magic! This portrait was featured on his website’s front page and on his social media profiles. Hit me up when you need more work AJ, it was a blast!

Mrs. T’s 40th Birthday

Towana contacted me for create a few images of her an her husband on her 40th birthday. We met at Deer Creek park for a night shoot. I scouted a few locations at the park before the couple arrived and set up lighting that suited the scene and time of night well. We shot for a little over an hour at 4 different locations within the park and got quite a few stunning images for her photobook. Thank you for contacting me for your special day, Towanna!

Jared and Mindy’s Wedding

Jared called to see if I would be free to shoot his wedding. I normally don’t shoot weddings, but I made an exception this time. They were really short on time and not having any luck finding someone that would be available to shoot that week. I traveled to Lake Jackson to their Church and later to the reception. This is a shot of Mindy preparing to throw her bouquet.

Yasmin’s Quinceañera

Yasmin’s parents called me for her big day, her 15th birthday! They had a great location in mind where we met and shot for two hours. We made many excellent images and had two printed on huge canvases!


The Trinh Family contacts me twice a year for family photos. This was taken in the Summer Creek area of Houston close to their house. Vivian is always very photogenic and ready to model for the camera. She’s a cutie and full of energy throughout the shoot.

What Others Are Saying

  • Angel is truly an outstanding photographer (and wonderful person) with an almost mystical ability to capture the true nature of people. I’d recommend him to anyone!

    Laurie H.

  • Angel worked very well with us at our location, he makes it all happen! His eye is great; he knows what will make a good picture and is capable of creating the right setting. Thank you!

    Michael T.

  • Angel is an amazing professional at the top of his game. His images are technically superb and he has a wonderful way of putting people at ease.

    The Smith Family

December 6, 2020

Product Photography

During these changing economic times and world-wide lockdown restrictions, the photography industry has taken a hit. There is one area of photography that is seeing an increase, however, product photography!

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November 29, 2020

Child Moon

This full Moon on November 30th, the evening before, Sunday, November 29th, 2020, is the earliest sunset of the year with a full Moon in the sky, making this the Child Moon!

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